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Delivery Model

Delivery Model

VLL Follows Delivery Models

  • While low-wage countries offer economically attractive opportunities for resource development, they can be troublesome locations in terms of risk management, productivity, and predictable, consistent workforce behavior. Thus, VLL employs world-class practices to enable our development teams, and service support centers to leverage access to the most critical, yet often scarce, resources.

  • VLL employs two Global Delivery Models that provide scalable, cost-effective and predictable performance while emphasizing client-centric activities. These models allow for quick growth and effective leveraging of resources to control costs while maintaining consistency in operational behavior, whether in design or construction, quality assurance, deployment, or support services.

  • The Project Delivery Model depicts the flow of activities based upon a hybrid of Waterfall and Extreme programming methodologies.

    The Service Support Model focuses upon quick response and continuous process improvement. In addition, our Execution Model presents the primary operating platform that ties together all parties to a project or incident. This set of collaborative technologies and corresponding skill sets make up the VLL Virtual Management System.

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