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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirement Gathering

You can share it via:

  1. Email on info@vlogiclabs.com
  2. Share with Dropbox work@vlogiclabs.com

Our Team will further discuss all the nuances with you over any IM like skype and prepare a final SRS (Software Requirment Specification) to sign and start development thereof.

From our experience we can say almost all clients love their project. We respect intellectual rights of all clients thus we do Legal NDAs for all project.

Further this NDAs has been supported with SRS (Software Requirement Specification) in which detail requirement has been mentioned which will lead no confusion between both of us.

All code / versions of code are managed by Git and secured with unique passwords.

Project is accessible vai our BI enabled ERP system to limited people working on the project.

Sure, you can contact us even you have only Idea. We will work closely with you and make sure our system analyst simulate your Idea and provide exact screens for your approval to start development. 

Our Technical Team will give you comparative chart for implementing the same concept with different technology. Depends on resource availaible we will finalize technogy and make your IDEA into REALITY!!

Development Process

Yes, our Project Analysis session is absolutely free to guide our clients for development of right product with right technology.

Although we know client want to discuss this data with other experts too, thus we do not claim any intellectual rights on our analysis done during requirement phase of the project.

For any change we follow below mentioned steps:

1) Impact Analysis: We closely monitored impact of requested changes on different module including database and UI. After monitoring the impact we prepared a document call PCIR (Project Change Impact Report). This report contains detail of task required to done in order to achieve the change. It also includes effort and release time required.

2) PCIR Approval: Further this document is sent to client and written approval is required in order to go ahed with the development.

3) Development & Delivery: Once approval received from client, it will be emailed to development team. They will add all task mentioned in effortsheet in their task list and do the requirement development. After successful development & testing this will be sent to System Admin. System Admin will make sure its versioning has been done OR not and further upload this build on client's end.

Maintenance & Support

For all our current / previous clients there is One Month Free Maintainance per project wise.

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VLL Project Life Cycle

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