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Open Source

Open Source

PHP Technologies

VLogic Labs has a qualified team of PHP web development professionals that will work on your special requirements for your project. Our attention to detail leads to the creation of desired quality product.

PHP Technologies are commonly used as a scripting language that is expressly constructed for developing Web Applications for different uses. Over the years, its system has advanced to embrace a command line interface ability which can be used in separate Graphical Applications development. This is free software that contains larger application for the ā€˜Cā€™ programming language for interacting with the databases, allowing the building of a modest and vibrant web applications for different projects. We have worked with PHP Technologies that can be positioned on best web servers with operating systems and platforms.

Our developed systems can be used with many interactive database management systems. Whether you want an e-commerce platform, Online Business applications, cooperative networking systems, content management system or a complete back-end system for data management then we have the customized PHP programming and services that will make that happen for your business.

We can deliver the most proficient solutions possible for your business through PHP web application development. We have dedicated PHP programmers who are experienced in working with Open Source software integration with a number of operating systems (Windows, Linux etc.), Middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea etc.) to build a customized solution for your business. We offer a full range of Open Source development services including relocation of current systems to open frameworks and custom Open Source-based development.

PHP Technology Features:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Product Catalogues
  • Forum and Bulletin Boards
  • Content Management System
  • Membership Websites
  • Lead Management System
  • Directory and Classifieds
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Ecommerce Portals
  • Events Calendar
  • Dynamic Image Manipulation

Why we are matchless

Based on Your explicit demand, we can easily assemble a skilled team on short notice for your project. We have the flexibility and business expertise that can easily guarantee efficient solutions for your business which are clearly visible.

We have the world class resources that can easily support your projects easily, and we can help make the desired changes in your business easily. Customers benefits.

Customers benefits

All the projects that are worked on, they are always done in communication with the clients simultaneously. This is about developing solutions that fulfills the needs of the client, and this comes into fruition because we always keep Your needs first. Building blindly is out of the question because this is going to be the very roots of your online business profile. We bring in every solution in the industry to the table, and give You the opportunity to choose from the ensemble to match Your Business needs, and the budget. Whenever You need a smart business partner that can give you fresh marketing ideas, then we are happy to serve Your needs, anytime.

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