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VLL Follows Strategies

Risk Management Strategies On Outsource Outsource strategies must take into consideration the risks that have traditionally plagued IT offshore projects, from the pitfalls of knowledge acquisition and transfer, to the challenges of deployment from a remote location. At VLL, our mission is to minimize the risks of remote service sourcing for our customers. Our combined business and operational strategies are designed to emphasize and support this mission. We have built our company around this principle.

Business Process Strategies:

Why will VLL work for You? - VLL has identified and jointly invested in facilities in lower-risk areas to minimize the typical social, political, and cultural threats and weaknesses of today's remote sourcing locations. VLL offers a series of alternative contracting methods to address the range of risks associated with differing projects. VLL does not recommend, nor will we accept, the outsourcing of total IT departments. We believe this puts companies at a strategic disadvantage. Instead, we will help your company find an alternative that avoids such risks.

Operational Process Strategies:

How VLL will work with You? - VLL emphasizes collaborative technologies and skills to enhance the transparency of project planning and execution, increase the fluidity of team interaction, and provide access to on-demand Centers of Excellence.

  • VLL scalable Execution Model is designed to improve the consistency and predictability of deliverables while controlling costs.
  • VLL focuses on "context learning" and knowledge transfer in its requirements acquisition and integration methodology and supporting tool sets.

VLL operational model is oriented towards medium-to-small sized projects, rather than large, multi-year events.

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